Why Did Fox Just Reveal Biden’s Location for Inaugural Eve?

Why did Fox just reveal Biden's location the night before his inauguration?
Why did Fox Just reveal Biden's location the night before his inauguration? (Original cartoon MAGA Healing by Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer, NC)

Do we need to ask why Fox News is the only media outlet to manufacture a fake news story so it can reveal Joe Biden’s whereabouts the night before the inauguration? This is not a rhetorical question.

In a non-bylined pretend story posted over night, Fox’s website leads a “Live Update” section with a headline announcing where President Elect Biden and his wife will be staying the night before his inauguration. A total of three tiny paragraphs are devoted to this news flash and only appear after an unrelated video of Senator Lindsay Graham droning on about Trump’s impeachment.

To be clear, this is a non-news story, and we must ask why Fox deems it fit for their front page and millions of users’ news feeds. Not only does Fox out Biden’s whereabouts for the night before his inauguration, but the “story” explicitly states where this location is and how to find it.

How do we know this a non-news story?

  • The source for Biden’s location is a State Department spokesperson who “told” Fox this information, or in other words Fox called them up to ask so they could report it as news.
  • There is no byline.
  • No other media outlet is reporting such information as “news.”

Fox stands alone in what can only be assumed is a telegraph of intelligence to the MAGA insurrectionists who have threatened to descend upon Washington D.C. again to continue their treasonous f*ckery and disrupt the inauguration.

I’m refuse to link to this Fox hit job for obvious reasons, assuming gumshoe readers who want to can find it on their own.

Please, someone with an actual megaphone, call out this bullshit.


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