Typhoid Rudy and Sidekick Jenna Now Spreading Bullshit AND Covid!

Typhoid Rudy and Sidekick Jenna Now Spreading Bullshit and Covid
Typhoid Rudy and Sidekick Jenna Now Spreading Bullshit and Covid

Axios’s Jonathan Swan has the savory scoop of the day in reporting that Trump fraud-fighting attorney and sidekick to Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, has tested positive for Covid-19. This comes one day after Giuliani, 76, was hospitalized with Covid at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C.

Ellis was last seen giving Rudy the literal stink-eye during a voter fraud hearing last week in Michigan, after the microphone picked up a couple of Rudy’s farts. The evidence-free hearing was live-streamed and Ellis may have been trying to stifle a laugh as Rudy didn’t miss a beat and kept on pontificating. The flatulence episode quickly went viral and was brilliantly parodied on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Rudy Giuliani lets a fart rip at Michigan hearing next to Jenna Ellis
Rudy gets the stink eye from Jenna for ripping loose a fart or two at last week’s Michigan voter fraud hearing.

In true Trump fashion the Elite Strike Force duo (yes, that is what the cabal of shameless lawyers trying to overturn the presidential election calls themselves) has been super-spreading mask-less all over the country, attending crowded hearings and holding pressers, lying about a rigged election and stolen votes.

It’s important to note the (eyeroll) Elite Strike Force and Trump allies have produced zero credible evidence of widespread voter fraud, and to date have lost 51 court cases according to Democratic Election Attorney Marc Elias, who is keeping track. The sole (air quotes) “victory” of these legal beagles was on a procedural matter about how far away Republican observers could stand when ballots were first being counted in Pennsylvania.

Besides lies, it remains to be seen what else Typhoid Rudy and his side kick Jenna have spread in their traveling carnival show. Following Rudy’s Covid diagnosis, the Michigan House of Representatives cancelled three days of its session as a precaution. Rudy had also appeared maskless at the Georgia Capital the day before.

Ellis attended a White House Christmas party on Friday where masks were abundant, but so was eating and drinking. After news of Ellis’ positive Covid test, White House staffers told reporters they feared another East Wing outbreak was in the making and that the party itself would become the latest Super Spreader event at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

And as if we need further proof that Ellis lives in La La Land, reports surfaced this week of a tweet she posted in August not just down-playing the pandemic, but denying it altogether …

Jenna Ellis Tweeted There is No Pandemic

Yep. More like Elite Strike OUT.


Conspiracy Theories by Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer, NC
Conspiracy Theories by Kevin Siers, The Charlotte Observer, NC



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