Trump Shit Show is Cancelled!

Trump Shit Show is Cancelled!
Trump Shit Show is Cancelled!

Voters overwhelmingly decline to renew the reality horror show for another season

The Nielsen ratings are in and viewers overwhelmingly decided not to renew the Trump Shit Show for another season!

Just 64 days remain of this dark-comedy-horror-reality program, because its loser cast of grifters, sycophants and foot soldiers are being evicted from The People’s House. 

This will happen whether TheDonald concedes or not. Battleground state margins are too big to be overturned by recounts or mounds of frivolous lawsuits that keep getting shot down and laughed out of court. Reality is seeping into the cesspool, just as President-Elect Joe Biden said it would. If only we could deny the outgoing-worst-president-of-all-time any oxygen between now and January 20, 2021 … but because he and his henchmen are pursuing their scorched Earth grand finale, we can’t change the channel just yet.

Not to diminish this burn-it-down exit strategy (including roadblocking the Biden-Harris transition on national intelligence and Coronavirus vaccine matters, drawing down overseas troops against military recommendations, and possibly wanting to start a war with Iran), but handwringing aside, we have much to look forward to in 2021. Not only will we have more than one Covid vaccine to distribute, but the Joe and Kamala show premiers in two months! And because neither of those stars is a radioactive turd, and their ensemble cast will embody truth, science and compassion, this sorely needed counter-programming will go a long way toward healing the collective PTSD so many of us have suffered during the four-season run of Trump’s Shit Show.

Cry Baby Trump is Fired, by Felony Ink
Cry Baby Trump is Fired, by Felony Ink

As of today — and in addition to Biden’s decisive “landslide”/ “shellacking” 306 to 232 electoral college victory (two words Trump used ad nauseam to describe his own 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton by the same exact 306 electoral count) — Biden’s popular vote total is 5,667,641 more than the Cry Baby in Chief’s. And that’s with only 97% of the votes counted. More votes will be added to both columns, with all experts grounded in reality expecting Biden’s margin to grow.

[As of Nov 17, 2020 Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight site put the current popular vote total at 78,949,263 for Biden and 73,281,622 for Trump.]

The simple fact is the majority of American voters, 79 million of us, just wanted to make America normal again. I personally would settle for a boring West Wing redux, a TV series that isn’t in my face 24/7, where I can miss an episode and not fall behind, and that carries on with its mundane story lines whether I watch or not.

As for how the Shit Show ends, it appears that for the next nine weeks the anti-hero will continue to flop around like a common mackerel, gasping for air, on the deck of the Titanic. Someone really needs to tell him all the life boats are gone and the violins are playing. 

Nine weeks to go!

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