The Great Unf*cking of America Begins

Trump Regime Ends
Trump Regime Ends by Randall Enos, Easton, CT

Donald Trump caves to bi-partisan pressure, lets Biden’s transition begin

After two weeks of trying to steal the election from Joe Biden, worst-president-of-all-time Donald Trump caved to bi-partisan pressure and grudgingly allowed Emily Murphy, his head of U.S. General Services Administration, to grant government access and funding necessary for Biden’s transition.

Yesterday Murphy, a MAGA foot solider and “Karen” of the highest order, finally did her fucking job and authorized the transition after a more than a two-week delay. The timing is notable in that Democrats were preparing to haul her before Congress to explain the zeal with which she has shirked her duties. She apparently has decided that getting blood on her hands, by continuing to stall Covid task force synergies between the outgoing and incoming administrations, is not a good look.

Trump Hall of Shamer Emily Murphy, GSA Administrator
GSA Administrator Emily Murphy earns Hall of Shame status for holding up Biden’s transition, due to being drunk on MAGA Kool-aid.

In the past — because it has been and is currently required by law — the GSA is mandated to facilitate a new transition for the “apparent successful candidate” of a presidential race. Murphy claimed in her grievance-laden letter that she had come to the conclusion on her own that now was the time, and that she was “never directly or indirectly pressured” to, again, finally do her fucking job.

Murphy said she, her staff, family and pets (yes pets!) received threats because of her refusal to release the transition funds and rubber stamp a process that up until now was never controversial. While I certainly don’t condone any threat of violence upon our public officials, it is safe to say she brought this upon herself for — wait for it … not doing her fucking job.

Even as Murphy claimed to be the sole decider in doing her fucking job, Trump corrected the record with an immediate tweet that HE is the one who directed the transition. And of course he did not concede, but rather repeated false claims of voter fraud and insisted that more failed lawsuits would overturn the will of the American people and keep him in the White House.

Trump’s announcement was promptly followed by this brilliant tweet from the Democratic duo competing in Georgia’s January 5, 2021 runoff election for U.S. Senate:

Jon Ossoff Tweet 11-23-20

What a loser indeed.

Also out with a statement Monday was retiring GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander from Tennessee. Alexander, who will leave his Senate seat in January, has repeatedly called for the transition to begin, and in his statement urged Trump to “put the country first” and help Biden’s administration succeed.

“When you are in public life, people remember the last thing you do,” Alexander said.

This of course applies to Trump and all of his shameless foot soldiers like Murphy. This pathetic sycophancy will be her legacy, and it will be interesting to see what kind of job she lands after being sacked on January 20, 2021.

But here’s the takeaway: Now that the transition is official, the Great Unfucking of America can begin.


The Transition Team by Manny Francisco, The Manila Times, The Philippines
The Transition Team by Manny Francisco, The Manila Times, The Philippines


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