Rush Limbaugh's Toxic Legacy in Cartoons
Rush Limbaugh

Decades of Cartoons Define Rush Limbaugh’s Toxic Legacy

This fascinating collection of nearly 50 Rush Limbaugh cartoons (from the archives of my subscription service going back to 2003) is part stroll down memory lane, but mostly a jarring recap of the controversial radio host’s impact on American culture and conservative politics. Limbaugh, the original bigoted conspiracy theorist, was the precursor to Donald Trump. I posited this week that the quick chorus of goodbye and good riddance that emerged upon news of Limbaugh’s death will […]

This Week in Political Cartoons - Mitch McTurtle Edition!
Mitch McConnell

This Week in Political Cartoons – Mitch McTurtle Edition!

#MitchMcConnell, #MoscowMitch … let’s add #MitchMcTurtle to the many names of Senate Minority (that feels so good to type) Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), shall we? Enjoy this Mitchy collection of a dozen political cartoons from the week and a few from the archives! All artists are from my subscription service or those I follow on Twitter who offer re-posting permission to this blog.                         […]

This Week in Political Cartoons - The Complete Impeachment 2021 Edition
Trump Impeachment Trial

This Week in Political Cartoons – The Complete 2021 Impeachment Edition

Curating this fabulous edition of political cartoons from Impeachment 2021 week kept me sane! Enjoy this updated collection of 66 Impeachment-themed political cartoons (on 3 pages) from all my favorite subscription cartoonists and satirists from Twitter who’ve given re-post permission!                                                         MORE CARTOONS NEXT PAGE    

This Week in Political Cartoons by -- MTGCQ Edition
Marjorie Taylor Greene

This Week in Political Cartoons – Marjorie Taylor Greene Collection

At the risk of elevating this subject matter, I simply have to make one collection out of the many brilliant Marjorie Taylor Greene political cartoons that have come out this month. Enjoy these MTGCQ themed cartoons from cartoonists from my subscription service and ones I follow on Twitter who have given re-post permission!                                           #PoliticalCartoons […]

Even More Bernie Memes from the Jan 20, 2021 Inauguration
2021 Inauguration

Even More Bernie Memes (Yes, It’s Still a Thing) Including Tattoos!

It’s week two of the Biden administration and Bernie Memes are still around! This can only mean one thing — that the nation is stable because the adults are back in charge. Raise your hand if you’ve noticed a less-frenzied new cycle since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office six days ago. Like others I’m now seeing a personal news feed somewhat reminiscent of the pre-Trump terror era, a al late 2014. (Yes, we […]

Happy Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021!
2020 Election

Happy Inauguration Day! Let’s Celebrate with Some Cartoons!

It’s been a l-o-n-g four years and most of us made it — we’re finally here! Today’s the day we replace a terrible president with a true leader, a wholeheartedly decent man who will help America reclaim its soul. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office at 12 noon today, formally ushering out the end of an error (not a typo). Donald Trump’s four-year reign of terror and […]

Trump's Four Years Chronicled by Political Cartoonist Stephane Peray
2020 Election

One Last Laugh at a Terrible President Through the Eyes of a French Cartoonist

Political cartoonist Stephane Peray offers hysterical chronicle of Donald Trump’s reign of terror and idiocy. While no one in their right mind (save scholars and historians) will want to revisit the Trump years, this recap of the outgoing president’s cringe-worthy and blessedly short era is so worth visiting. The talent and side-splitting humor of political cartoonist Stephane “Stephff” Peray perfectly captured the insanity of our unhinged U.S. president like no other. And the fact that […]

Cuban American Artist Edel Rodriguez's Minimalist Rage Defined the Era of Trump
2020 Election

A Tribute to Edel Rodriguez, Whose Trumprageous Art Defined an Era and Gave Us Hope

In a fitting end to the Trump era, artist Edel Rodriguez closes out his nemesis’s presidency with one last magazine cover — a tattered and torn American flag at half staff, that perfectly sums up not just the failed MAGA coup, but the last four years. The cover image, which appears on today’s issue of The New Yorker, is titled “After the Insurrection.” Rodriguez, who as a teenager fled with his family to the U.S. […]

All the Best Political Cartoons from a Horrendous and Monumental Week
2020 Election

All the Best Political Cartoons from a Horrendous and Monumental Week

I don’t normally submit a post with my round-ups of the week’s best political cartoons, but this is an exceptional week — and not in a good way aside from Democrats capturing two Georgia Senate seats. Due to the sheer number of monumental events we witnessed as a nation this week, political cartoonists worked overtime producing an unprecedented number of illustrations serving as commentary on the week. I culled very few from my subscription service […]