Olive America's Going on Safari | Original Cartoon by Jeff Koterba "Farewell to a Mutual Friend" Tribute to Jim Fowler, Omaha World Herald, NE
Biden Cartoons

Going on Safari

Greetings progressives and cartoon lovers! I’m dropping this note to say I’m going on safari for a while … not actually traveling to Africa (Covid!) but metaphorically speaking. New adventures are calling and there’s only so much time in the day, week etc. I don’t know how long I’ll be traversing my symbolic Serengeti, but if you follow me on social media or subscribe to my Sunday newsletter you’ll be the first to know about […]

This Week in Cartoons on CartoonState.com Sunday Feb 21, 2021
Mitch McConnell

This Week in Cartoons – Cancun Cruz, Mars Rover and All the Rest!

Come for the cartoons, stay for the commentary! It’s been another memorable week in political cartoons, from #CancunCruz and his poor Texans to the historic landing of the Mars Rover. Enjoy this collection of more than three dozen political cartoons by my favorite cartoonists from my subscription service and ones I follow on Twitter who’ve given re-post permission. And if you want to see even more cartoons from the week check out my Mitch McTurtle […]

Rush Limbaugh's Toxic Legacy in Cartoons
Rush Limbaugh

Decades of Cartoons Define Rush Limbaugh’s Toxic Legacy

This fascinating collection of nearly 50 Rush Limbaugh cartoons (from the archives of my subscription service going back to 2003) is part stroll down memory lane, but mostly a jarring recap of the controversial radio host’s impact on American culture and conservative politics. Limbaugh, the original bigoted conspiracy theorist, was the precursor to Donald Trump. I posited this week that the quick chorus of goodbye and good riddance that emerged upon news of Limbaugh’s death will […]

Rush Limbaugh by Randall Enos, Easton, CT
Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh’s Goodbye and Good Riddance Will Be Trump’s One Day Too

If there’s any doubt about how contemporaries will view the life and impact of Donald Trump, look no farther than how voices large and small weighed in on news of Rush Limbaugh’s death this week. The conservative media blowhard lost his battle with cancer at age 70 on Wednesday, and within minutes love poured in from the extremist right, but was quickly doused by those who loathed the controversial radio host. Views expressed on social […]

Ted Cruz Ditches Texans for Cancun Vacation | Wolverpeen Cartoon by Billy Leake on Twitter @idrawfunstuff

Cruz Ditches Frozen Texans for Cancun Vacation – Is Now a Good Time To Break Out the Ted-With-Penis-Hands Cartoon?

This is a rhetorical question. Of course it’s the perfect time to feature this delightful (and layered) cartoon by illustrator Billy Leake that I’ve been saving for just such a moment. And I suspect cartoonists are hard at work today parodying Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) escape to an all-inclusive Mexican resort while his constituents freeze and starve back home — which I’ll dutifully collect in my usual weekend roundup of the week’s political cartoons. I […]

This Week in Political Cartoons - Mitch McTurtle Edition!
Mitch McConnell

This Week in Political Cartoons – Mitch McTurtle Edition!

#MitchMcConnell, #MoscowMitch … let’s add #MitchMcTurtle to the many names of Senate Minority (that feels so good to type) Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), shall we? Enjoy this Mitchy collection of a dozen political cartoons from the week and a few from the archives! All artists are from my subscription service or those I follow on Twitter who offer re-posting permission to this blog.                         […]

Trump Extinction by Osama Hajjaj, Jordan
Josh Hawley

From The Big Lie to The Big Reveal – Three Big Impeachment Wins for Progressives

Now that everyone’s simmered down and weighing in on Saturday’s impeachment verdict, I’d like to point out that progressives are actually the true winners from last week’s political drama. Let’s take a pause from the whining and bitching to consider these three key gains as fallout from the trial. Trump has been neutered, rendered ineffectual from public life and politics that matter Yes the twice-impeached one-term ex and worst president of all time, Donald J. […]

This Week in Political Cartoons - The Complete Impeachment 2021 Edition
Trump Impeachment Trial

This Week in Political Cartoons – The Complete 2021 Impeachment Edition

Curating this fabulous edition of political cartoons from Impeachment 2021 week kept me sane! Enjoy this updated collection of 66 Impeachment-themed political cartoons (on 3 pages) from all my favorite subscription cartoonists and satirists from Twitter who’ve given re-post permission!                                                         MORE CARTOONS NEXT PAGE    

A Rebuttal for THIS by Pat Byrnes, PoliticalCartoons.com
Capitol Riot

Court of Public Opinion Will Convict Trump, Not Flaccid Senators

We should expect nothing less, and yet why are we still surprised when the bulk of limp and floppy Republicans show their true colors? Yesterday’s opening arguments in Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial — devoted purely to the procedural question of whether the Senate has constitutional authority to try him — perfectly foreshadowed that cowardly Republican Senators lack the character, fortitude and cajones to do the right thing. No amount of sound legal arguments, emotional […]

Republicans Created A Monster by Bob Englehart, PoliticalCartoons.com
Capitol Riot

It’s Official — The GOP is now the Party of QAnon and Space Lasers, Fighting Baby-Eating Pedophiles

A new poll shows Republican voters prefer Marjorie Taylor Greene over Liz Cheney by a wide margin — poll conducted before Greene’s denouncement of conspiracy theories today (and getting booted from two House committees) It’s been quite the 24-hour whirlwind inside the House of Representatives, which culminated in a party-line vote today to strip MTG (Marjorie Taylor Greene) of two committee assignments due to her incendiary remarks, videos and social media posts espousing violence against other […]

Coronavirus Groundhog 2021 by Rick McKee, CagleCartoons.com | Groundhog Flu 2018 by Rick McKee, The Augusta Chronicle
Capitol Riot

Two Groundhogs, Two Forecasts — My Bet’s On Staten Island Chuck!

Improving virus and economy plus tons of political schadenfreude point to a brighter future Who knew the nation had more than one marmot meteorologist? While Punxsutawney Phil always steals the spotlight on Groundhog Day, there’s a rival rodent in New York City called Staten Island Chuck, who’s actually a better predictor of winter forecasts and hasn’t gotten his due props. In a live-streamed, unattended Covid-safe event in Punxsutawney, Pa this morning, Phil slumbered out of his […]

Super Villain Josh Hawley confused why people don't like him after inciting insurrection. Cartoon "Josh Hawley" by Taylor Jones, Politicalcartoons.com
2020 Election

Super Villain Josh Hawley Doesn’t Know Why People Don’t Like Him. Seriously.

Seditious traitor Josh Hawley took to the gossip rag New York Post yesterday, to complain his free speech is being muzzled and people don’t like him after he instigated the January 6 Capitol riot. No, this is not a Fark headline. He is that clueless, or more likely just pretending to be. Hawley, a Republican Senator from Missouri, has been roundly thrashed for his role in the storming of the Capitol by MAGA insurrectionists three […]

Even More Bernie Memes from the Jan 20, 2021 Inauguration
2021 Inauguration

Even More Bernie Memes (Yes, It’s Still a Thing) Including Tattoos!

It’s week two of the Biden administration and Bernie Memes are still around! This can only mean one thing — that the nation is stable because the adults are back in charge. Raise your hand if you’ve noticed a less-frenzied new cycle since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took office six days ago. Like others I’m now seeing a personal news feed somewhat reminiscent of the pre-Trump terror era, a al late 2014. (Yes, we […]

Trump leaves Biden a note by John Darkow, Columbia Missourian
2021 Inauguration

Leaked! Trump’s Note to Biden Asks for Pardon, Disses MyPillow Guy and Coach Bill Belichick

A super duper secret source within the White House has confirmed the contents of the presidential note Donald Trump left for Joe Biden in the Resolute Desk — and it was penned in Sharpie. Biden confirmed on Inauguration Day that Trump had indeed left the personal note, but would not reveal its contents out of respect for Trump’s privacy. Biden called it “a very generous letter,” while a Trump aid told CNN it was written on Trump’s […]

Twitter Gets Emotional During Biden-Harris Inauguration Jan. 20, 2021
2021 Inauguration

Tears, Cheers and Jeers – Twitter Gets Emotional During Inauguration

As a new era dawned during the Biden-Harris inauguration, Twitter got emotional and emptied stockpiles of Kleenex. Tears for the joyful, cheers for the ceremony, and jeers for the departing were common themes. The following is a snapshot in time of random and high profile Twitter expressions within a few hours of today’s inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.         #InaugurationDay #Inauguration2021 #Inauguration #NationalHealing #WhiteHouse #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris