Super Villain Josh Hawley Doesn’t Know Why People Don’t Like Him. Seriously.

Super Villain Josh Hawley confused why people don't like him after inciting insurrection. Cartoon "Josh Hawley" by Taylor Jones,
Super Villain Josh Hawley confused why people don't like him after inciting insurrection. Cartoon "Josh Hawley" by Taylor Jones,

Seditious traitor Josh Hawley took to the gossip rag New York Post yesterday, to complain his free speech is being muzzled and people don’t like him after he instigated the January 6 Capitol riot. No, this is not a Fark headline. He is that clueless, or more likely just pretending to be.

Hawley, a Republican Senator from Missouri, has been roundly thrashed for his role in the storming of the Capitol by MAGA insurrectionists three weeks ago. Hawley and other congressional deplorables pushed Donald Trump’s Big Lie about a stolen election, which was the catalyst for the deadly riot in which five people were killed, including a Capitol Hill police officer. Hawley and Texas Senator Ted Cruz were the only two Senators to object to the January 6 election certification, which was violently interrupted by rabid MAGA cultists at their invitation. Congress men and women were barely ushered to safety before armed rioters in tactical gear with comms and zip ties broke into the building and chamber looking to hang former Vice President Mike Pence and kill House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Many of those arrested since said they were simply doing what Trump — and other propagators of The Big Lie — wanted them to do: invalidate Joe Biden’s electoral win and take back The Capitol.

Hawley, 41, had the great misfortune of being photographed on his way into the Capitol that morning. In a now-iconic image Hawley was captured with a fist raised in solidarity with the about-to-turn-violent crowd of pro Trump extremists. The photo will forever label Hawley as a traitor, and altogether the fallout has been swift.

Two of Missouri’s major newspapers immediately called for his resignation, saying he has blood on his hands. His mentor, former Missouri Senator John C. Danforth, who helped get the junior Senator elected, said supporting Hawley was the worst mistake he ever made.

Loews Hotels cancelled a February fundraiser of his in Orlando. Corporate sponsors piled on with their own denouncements and pledges to withhold future funding. His upcoming book deal was cancelled by Simon and Schuster, forcing him to find a less scrupulous independent publisher.

Now Hawley, like Cruz, faces possible censure or expulsion from the Senate. And through it all Hawley remains unrepentant, unapologetic about any of his actions. On the contrary — he is actually the victim here, he would like you to believe. A victim of “cancel culture” whose dissenting opinions are being muzzled by left-wing politics … not because he’s behaved reprehensibly.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley whines about cancel culture and free speech muzzling for seditionist traitors
Missouri Senator Josh Hawley whines about cancel culture and free speech muzzling for seditionist traitors in New York Post op-ed

If you have an empty stomach and five minutes to waste you can read the whole thing here. I’ve extracted some of his more ludicrous points for rebuttal below.

In my case, it started with leftist politicians demanding I resign from office for representing the views of my constituents and leading a democratic debate on the floor of the Senate.

By “constituents” I assume he means the 51% of Missourians who think he should resign, as indicated in a poll from two weeks ago.  A second more recent poll confirms Hawley’s continued decline in favorability with his state’s voters. So Hawley clearly only represents a fraction of Missourians equal to the rabid MAGA faithful, a group not nearly big enough to win a national election (he fantasizes about running for president) and may now not be big enough in his home state to win re-election to his Senate seat.

The tech titans have already booted dozens of conservatives off social media, and if they have their way, half the House Republican conference will be expelled from Congress. The corporate titans seem to believe that the only way to get a democracy to their liking is to eliminate all threats to the Democratic Party’s unified control of government.

It’s well-documented that the miscreants booted from social media were all plentifully warned prior to their expulsions, the most famous case being twice-impeached private citizen Donald Trump. The First Amendment does not give citizens the right to yell fire in a crowded theater nor incite a lunatic fringe militia to storm the Capitol and kill policemen. Didn’t you learn this at Stanford or Yale?

Taking that cue, a corporate publishing house then canceled a book it had asked me to write. Ironically enough, the book is about political censorship by the most powerful corporations in America … Now corporate America is canceling my political events, because two parties are apparently one too many for their taste.

Just a word here on the use of the word “ironically.” I assume it has not occurred to the Senator that he complains his free speech is muzzled while his op-ed runs in the Fourth largest U.S. newspaper (and promoted on the front page no less), which has subsequently been recycled for news fodder all over the tee-vee and social media. This is the definition of irony.

And also Senator, Corporate America is exacting its revenge on you not because it decries a two-party political system, but because it sees you for the vile turd you are. And vile turds are bad business.


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