Oh MyPillow Guy, How Do You Sleep at Night After Pushing Martial Law?

Oh My Pillow Guy How Do You Sleep at Night After Pushing Martial Law
Oh My Pillow Guy How Do You Sleep at Night After Pushing Martial Law? by Olive America

Probably on an adjustable interlocking-foam-filled premium pillow is my guess, but also maybe fitfully, because the MAGA coup failed and the only recourse left is martial law. Obviously.

In fact so clear is this strategy to save MAGAworld from Joe Biden and the Libs, that MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell briefed Donald Trump about this very thing yesterday at the White House.

We have Washington Post staff photographer Jabin Botsford and his telephoto lens to thank for capturing some of Lindell’s notes, as he stood outside the West Wing awaiting an escort to see his super-sad and about-to-be-evicted Dear Leader.

Botsford was only able to capture half a page of Lindell’s notes, but it provided plenty of insight into what he’d be discussing with Trump. According to the Post, some key snippets of these notes include references to the Insurrection Act and martial law, or in other words deploying military resources to retain power. This is a common refrain among MAGA die hards like Trump’s former national security advisor and pardoned criminal Mike Flynn.

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Lindell’s notes also seem to suggest a reshuffling of intelligence and security staff in a move that will somehow allow Trump and traitors to pull off a coup do-over and negate the fair-and-square election Biden won by 7 million votes.

Lindell, a devoted Trumper and CEO of sleep products, is one of just a few outsiders let into Trump’s orbit following last week’s riot of sedition at The Capitol that Trump himself incited. Lindell is so drunk on the MAGA Kool-aid, and so marinated in dark web conspiracy theories, that he’s still insisting Trump will reign for another four years.

Lindell’s audacity and stupidity are equally impressive. First, it was only four days ago that the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a letter reminding American forces of their oath to defend the Constitution, that the military will be obeying only lawful orders, and that Joe Biden is about to be sworn in as the 46th president. Lindell must have missed that bit of news.

Second, Lindell so casually carried his treasonous notes without cover or care to conceal. It never occurred to him that someone with a camera might be around. That is akin to all the imbecilic MAGA rioters who recorded and posted their insurrection on social media feeds, so they could then be arrested, charged, publicly shamed, lose their jobs, and have their guns taken away.

Birds of a feather, as they say.


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