Many Ways to Follow Cartoon State, including Facebook, Twitter, RSS and News Aggregators Google News and Flipboard

If you’d like to keep up on all this site’s news and political cartoons, there are lots of ways to follow Cartoon State!

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Weekly emailed digests are typically sent out on Sundays and you can join this list by subscribing here. How your data is retained is described in my Privacy Policy. I do not sell, barter, exchange or give out any user name or email address to third parties.

Follow Me on Social Media

If you want to know as soon as something gets posted, you can follow me on Facebook (“Like” the page and my posts will appear in your feed) or Twitter, as all articles and cartoon collections are posted to social media at the same time as the website.

Add Cartoon State’s RSS Feed to Your Favorite RSS Reader

Cartoon State has an RSS feed that you can add to your favorite RSS reader like Feedly or Feedspot (both have free versions). The RSS feed that you can copy and past into your reader is:

Follow Cartoon State in Google News

Follow Cartoon State in Google News

In Google News go to the “Following” section and type in “Cartoon State” in the top search bar. You’ll then be able to click on the site as a source … be sure to tap the ⭐ star icon until it turns grey, signifying you are now following Cartoon State.






Follow Cartoon State in Flipboard

Flipboard is another terrific free news aggregator with great graphic appeal. Adding Cartoon State as a blog to follow involves a few more steps:

1.) If you don’t already have the app download it on your phone and make an account. You can also access your online Flipboard account from a computer
2.) Go to the “search” icon in app
3.) Type in Cartoon State … this will open a subsequent page
4.) Choose “Social” on this page and you will see Cartoon State in a lineup of results
5.) Click on “Welcome to Cartoon State” … this will open a subsequent page
6.) Be sure to “check mark” at the top so the Cartoon State website is “followed”
7.) Cartoon State will now be visible in your “Following” section just to the right of Flipboard’s home icon

To follow Cartoon State in Flipboard: 1.) Open “search” in app 2.) Type in Cartoon State 3.) Choose “Social” 4.) Click on “Welcome to Cartoon State” 5.) Be sure to “check mark” so website is followed


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