He Who Must Not Be Named

Donald Trump Described as Liar, Charlatan, Ignorant and Ass
A Historical Perspective by Taylor Jones, Politicalcartoons.com

Soon-to-be-ex and worst-president-of-all-time does not deserve title of office he defiles

I am seeing a growing number of media pundits refuse to use the political office title in front of Donald Trump’s name. This is a not-so-subtle acknowledgement that he’s un-deserving of the office he has defiled since he was accidentally elected in 2016. Add me to the list.

A popular substitute is the number “45” because he is our 45th president — and mercilessly not for much longer! Praise be to the Old Gods and the New!

I think the use of 45 is perfectly acceptable in a professional setting, but since this blog is caustically irreverent, I prefer something a little more pithy. Here’s a list of my favorite nicknames for Donald Trump:

  1. Donald Chump
  2. The Dumpster
  3. The im-POTUS
  4. King Twit
  5. Adolf Twitter
  6. Groper-in-Chief
  7. Don the Con
  8. Mr. Firepants
  9. Agent Orange
  10. Putin’s Pet
  11. Bededict Donald
  12. Trumpty Dumpty
  13. Trumplethinskin
  14. Darth Tax-e-vader

And the absolute best of the bunch … Dotard, the arcane insult North Korean leader Kim Jong Un hurled at 45 in 2017 before they started exchanging love letters.

Donald Trump is a Dotard

Oh Dotard. How we can’t wait to evict you.


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