Confirmed! Dr. Fauci Vaccinated Santa!

Santa and fog by Dave Granlund,
Santa and fog by Dave Granlund,

The country’s top infectious disease expert and National Treasure Dr. Anthony Fauci has confirmed he personally just gave Santa Claus the Coronavirus vaccine!

And while we don’t know Santa’s precise age or whether he has any co-morbidities (my money is on Type II diabetes) his status as an essential worker no doubt qualified him for the vaccine — and just in the “Nick” of time for Santa’s Christmas Eve sleigh ride and gift-delivering tour.

Dr. Fauci told CNN’s Erica Hill and Dr. Sanjay Gupta the news this weekend during a Sesame Street town hall aimed at educating kids about Covid-19. The segment featured a masked Elmo introducing children who asked Dr. Fauci questions by video. The most popular question of course involved Santa’s immunity and if would still be able to come down the chimney this year. Dr. Fauci responded:

Well, I have to say I took care of that for you because I was worried that you’d all be upset. So what I did a little while ago, I took a trip up there to the North Pole. I went there and I vaccinated Santa Claus myself. I measured his level of immunity and he is good to go. He can come down the chimney, he can leave the presents, he can leave and you have nothing to worry about. Santa Claus is good to go.


Dr Fauci Confirms He Vaccinated Santa!
Dr. Fauci confirms he vaccinated Chris Kringle, a.k.a. Santa Claus!

So there you have it, from the nation’s leading Covid expert and vaccinator-extraordinaire Tony Fauci — who, by the way, turns 80 years old on Christmas Eve. Happy Birthday Dr. Fauci!

And don’t forget to track Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve at NORAD’s website …

Norad Tracks Santa
Track Santa at NORAD’s website beginning Christmas Eve …



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