This Week in Cartoons on Sunday Feb 21, 2021
Mitch McConnell

This Week in Cartoons – Cancun Cruz, Mars Rover and All the Rest!

Come for the cartoons, stay for the commentary! It’s been another memorable week in political cartoons, from #CancunCruz and his poor Texans to the historic landing of the Mars Rover. Enjoy this collection of more than three dozen political cartoons by my favorite cartoonists from my subscription service and ones I follow on Twitter who’ve given re-post permission. And if you want to see even more cartoons from the week check out my Mitch McTurtle […]

Ted Cruz Ditches Texans for Cancun Vacation | Wolverpeen Cartoon by Billy Leake on Twitter @idrawfunstuff

Cruz Ditches Frozen Texans for Cancun Vacation – Is Now a Good Time To Break Out the Ted-With-Penis-Hands Cartoon?

This is a rhetorical question. Of course it’s the perfect time to feature this delightful (and layered) cartoon by illustrator Billy Leake that I’ve been saving for just such a moment. And I suspect cartoonists are hard at work today parodying Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) escape to an all-inclusive Mexican resort while his constituents freeze and starve back home — which I’ll dutifully collect in my usual weekend roundup of the week’s political cartoons. I […]

Trump Extinction by Osama Hajjaj, Jordan
Josh Hawley

From The Big Lie to The Big Reveal – Three Big Impeachment Wins for Progressives

Now that everyone’s simmered down and weighing in on Saturday’s impeachment verdict, I’d like to point out that progressives are actually the true winners from last week’s political drama. Let’s take a pause from the whining and bitching to consider these three key gains as fallout from the trial. Trump has been neutered, rendered ineffectual from public life and politics that matter Yes the twice-impeached one-term ex and worst president of all time, Donald J. […]

Who will be Washington's Top Assling After Trump's Eviction, Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz?
2020 Election

Who Will Be Washington’s Top Jackass After Trump’s Eviction?

With only 12 days until Donald Trump’s eviction (unless he’s impeached first) one big question is who will replace him as Washington’s Top Assling when he’s gone? Yes I am binging The New Kingdom while watching Democracy burn, and also noticing Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are locked in a tight race to carry the mantle as Top Turd. Trump, Hawley and Cruz are now all pariahs, all given ownership to Wedneday’s Insurrection […]