All the Best Political Cartoons from a Horrendous and Monumental Week

All the Best Political Cartoons from a Horrendous and Monumental Week
All the Best Political Cartoons from a Horrendous and Monumental Week

I don’t normally submit a post with my round-ups of the week’s best political cartoons, but this is an exceptional week — and not in a good way aside from Democrats capturing two Georgia Senate seats.

Due to the sheer number of monumental events we witnessed as a nation this week, political cartoonists worked overtime producing an unprecedented number of illustrations serving as commentary on the week. I culled very few from my subscription service and realized I found over 70 political cartoons I could not part from. So I have curated the collection into four batches that best represent the week as we now know it.

This Week in Cartoons on - Weekly Capitol Riot Edition

The first and largest batch of 26 political cartoons depicts Wednesday’s horrific Capitol Riot as most of us witnessed on TV. It’ll come as no surprise that the Trump Coup attempt was the most-featured theme among political satirists.

This Week in Cartoons on - Capitol Riot Fallout EditionThe second batch of 21 political cartoons deals with the fallout of Donald Trump’s bloody Capitol Riot, including Trump’s Twitter ban, calls for his impeachment (again) and impact on the Republican Party … plus a singled-out reviled Senator Josh Hawley (whom I suggested earlier this week is in a tight race with Senator Ted Cruz for Washington’s Top Jackass after Trump’s eviction.)

This Week in Cartoons on - Capitol Riot International Perspective EditionThe third collection of 13 political cartoons comes from cartoonists abroad, offering us an international perspective on events this week. Cartoonists and illustrators outside this country give us a glimpse into how those around the world viewed the burning of our democracy at the hands of our unhinged and murderous president. Do I even need to say the world already shook its head in disgust that we elected this would-be autocrat to begin with?

This Week in Cartoons on - Before the Capitol Edition

Finally, remember way back when we learned of Trump’s mobster phone call to pressure Georgia state officials to overturn that state’s election results? That was only last weekend! And then on Tuesday, before all hell broke loose at the Capitol, the Democrats won the Georgia Senate runoffs! This last collection of 11 political cartoons is dedicated to all the events that happened before the Capitol Riot.

Here’s hoping we have an infinitely better, please-please-please somewhat quiet week ahead — but I’m not holding my breath, are you?


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